the royal german shepherds

specializing in European german shepherds

Current Litter

Information on current up coming litters

Photo Gallery

Take a look at our pups thru the years

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions, check here first

Our Beliefs and Why should you choose us

We are not professional breeders, nor a business/corporation of any sort.  We do not mass breed here at The Royal German Shepherds.

Beloved things

So many things to get when you have a best friend, these are our favorites.


Schutzhund, Mondioring, Stress Agility...what does it all mean?

Information about Dog Food

Everyone has an opinion about what you should feed your German Shepherd, but what information is important to look at?

What people are saying

Word of mouth is the best information you can get

Shepherds that is retired

Homage to our past pups

Why Choose European German Shepherds?

Yes, they are both German Shepherds.  But look at the differences

Our Royal Lady

Utilizing Germany's Finest Bloodlines

Puppy Care

They are so cute, but they need lots of care and love too.

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