Nothing Better Than European Royalty
Specializing in European German Shepherds

It is a ten plus year commitment and should be taken seriously! Here at The Royal German Shepherds, we are a committed and trust worthy breeder/hobbyist. This is what sets us apart from any other breeder.

We care where our Royal pups go. They are a part of our family while they are here and want them to be part of yours.

We want our Royal pups to be an integral part of the family, this means that our dogs live and sleep inside!  They accompany you with yard work and love to play, fetch, etc...

We are not looking for a yard for our German Shepherds to live in. If you are going to keep them outside please do not contact us. A Yard is not a Home, it is a Yard! 

Where you live isn't important if you have room in your heart for one of our Royal pups.  The size of your yard comes second to how our pups & dogs will be treated when they leave here.
We know the loyalty our Royal pups will have for their families and anyone under their protection. They will be your best friend from the beginning until the very end.

See if one of our Royal pups is a match made in heaven for you and your family.

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Thank you for visiting "The Royal German".  Here you will only find the finest European German Shepherd puppies available from Championship Bloodlines. We take breeding seriously and we are dedicated on keeping the European bloodline going. Being a reputable breeder, we pride ourselves in breeding and selling AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies. They truly are "The Total Dog".  

We are not professional breeders, nor a business/corporation of any sort. We do not mass breed here at The Royal German Shepherds.

We are registered with Oregon Central Business Registry, our goal as a Breeder is to match you and your family with the perfect, proven adult working dog or puppy.

We strive to give loyal families companions, estate guardians, and high level sport dogs.
All of the dogs at The Royal German Shepherds are all feeling like the luckiest dogs in the world! Our European German Shepherd lines are one of the best you can get for your family & makes the perfect best friend!
 We love it here in Northern Oregon and believe this is a perfect place to breed our German Shepherds.​

We update our web presence often to let you know what is new and any upcoming litters!
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What makes them different? Everything! Royalty is not just a title, its a privilege. We treat every single one of our Royal puppies like...well Royalty.

​​We strive for them to have impeccable temperaments and exquisite beauty with great bone structure. The German Shepherds are direct, fearless, eager and alert. Having tremendous courage, we respect them for being extremely obedient and always loyal.

Our pups are whelped and raised in our home with lots of love and care. We are situated in the beautiful Sheridan hills.

We feed them only the best nutrition, plenty of playing & social time, frequent walks, weekly bathing & nail trimming, daily grooming and NO daily crate time!! Having the freedom to roam around and play is as healthy as it gets.

Every puppy leaves to their new home with some basic training (introduced potty training, sit, stay, lay down, shake, exc...) so every new Royal owner will know the true potential of owning a True "European German Shepherd".